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Adding New Pastries yummy and delicious

Vanilla Choc Chip Danish

This cake is so crunchy with the inside of a soft mixture of fla and lot of choc chip savory felt from the first bite in, and so on.



This one special cake for chocolate lovers, soft cake, mocha, all joined together piece by piece favors accompanied by Caramel or hot latte makes afternoon wonderful atmosphere going to relax you and restore good mood.

Spicy Cheese Croissant

Croissant plus cheese plus spicy,  different croissants from the others, and  fill all taste so you will not regret to try spicy cheese croissant.


Mushroom pepperoni pizza

You like mushroom a lot, enjoy this Mushroom Pepperoni Pizza, beside so many slice of mushroom, cheese and sauce as part of topping is really delicious and satisfy gorged.

Happy Ied Mubarak 1436 H   
Happy Eid Mubarak..Andai jemari tak sempat berjabat, andai raga tak dapat bertatap, seiring beduk yg menggema dan seruan takbir yg berkumandang, tiada pemberian terindah dan perbuatan termulia
Jatiwaringin Outlet   
Start Oct 12th, 2013 LAWTON COFFEE operational @Jatiwaringin near from Komp.Bina Lindung, cozy place and great menu...come to taste the atmosphere here..

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